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Vehicle Tune Up, Phoenix

Car Tune Up PhoenixFor many drivers in Phoenix, tune up services are often a grey area that few understand. In order to get maximum performance and longevity out of your vehicle, you need to treat it right. Despite the fact that an engine is driven by exploding gasoline, the relationship between vehicles functioning parts is actually quite delicate. An Engine Tune Up is one of the common names for general maintenance procedures that keep your vehicle in proper working order.

Another thing that is improved by getting an engine tune up is the increase in gas mileage. Today’s gas prices can be a severe drain on your finances, especially if your car is not making the most of the gasoline. Let’s face it; gasoline is essentially lumped into your cost of living, so you may as well get the most of something that you have to purchase anyway.

There are a few things that need to be addressed when restoring your gas mileage to factory specifications, primarily it comes down to ensuring that the components which make up your fuel system are running clean, and tuned within the factory specifications or better.

The important thing to remember when thinking about a vehicle tune up is the fact that there are several smaller parts of the vehicle that most drivers rarely consider in the normal maintenance of the vehicle.

  • Tune Up Phoenix AZSpark Plugs - Over time, spark plugs get dirty, wear out, and stop working just like everything else. And though spark plugs are designed to last for quite some time, your vehicles performance will benefit from replacing them before they become useless.
  • Fuel Filter – The fuel filter keeps the vast majority of contaminants in gasoline from clogging up combustion chambers. Most people don’t consider the idea that gasoline can actually be dirty, but the fact remains, and fuel filters need to be cleaned or replaced periodically.
  • Air Filter – Just making sure that the vast majority of the dust in the air doesn't get inside your engine makes a huge difference in its health. If the air filter is not replaced from time to time, your engine can quickly develop a sludgy build up.
  • Oil change – a standard tune up generally includes an oil change. We all know what happens when an engine is allowed to run with dirty or insufficient oil, and it’s never pretty. If you recently changed your oil, we can leave this out of the process. But we do suggest letting these kinds of things happen all at once for the sake of convenience and peace of mind.

Making the choice to give your vehicle a tune up from time to time can be one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. More than anything, making sure that your car gets attention when it comes to the small stuff will help keep it healthy for the long haul. Our technicians will make sure that you’re all the minor processes are taken care of, so you can drive with complete confidence.