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Transmission Repair, Phoenix

Transmission repairs phoenixEspecially in Phoenix, transmission repair often gets a bad reputation for being the most expensive process in auto repair. Though this may be true when paying out of pocket for major transmission repairs, it is possible to save massive amounts of cash by adhering to a regimen of regular transmission service. Phoenix residents will find that our approach to staving off car transmission problems can not only keep their car running beautifully, but can extend the life of a transmission significantly.Transmission repairs phoenix

In terms of keeping the cost of transmission repairs down to a minimum, the best approach is to give your transmission the care it needs consistently. The vast majority of transmission problems can actually be avoided if proper care is taken to preserve its health from the beginning.

The real trick to maintaining a healthy transmission comes down to closely monitoring its behavior, and making sure that the transmission fluid is clean, and at the proper level. Though it may seem like a simple thing to keep track of, many drivers simply forget to check their transmission for problems, and end up simply waiting for a problem to surface.
At Bays Complete Auto Repair, we suggest that drivers make a habit of checking their transmission fluid once a month. Here are a few guidelines that will help you identify a problem in its early stages, and give you the time necessary to correct the issue before major damage is done.

  • Proper Fluid level –Transmission fluid is what cools and lubricates the gears which operate inside the casing. Too little fluid and the transmission will begin to overheat; literally smashing itself to little pieces in the process. Too much fluid has the same effect, this is because too much fluid can cause the liquid to foam up, and act as a very poor lubricant indeed.
  • Dirty Transmission Fluid – Over time, contaminants like dirt and metal shavings from the gears will accumulate in the transmission fluid. It is important to exchange the transmission fluid from time to time and remove these contaminants from the system. The fact is, most drivers simply forget about this quick, inexpensive process until it’s too late. Don’t let things as small as sludge and metal shavings become the cause of that dreaded “Clunk!” sound.
  • Transmission Leak – Stopping a transmission leak dead in its tracks makes a huge difference in the life of your transmission. Maintaining the proper level of fluid is paramount to the proper function of the transmission. Leaks can quickly compromise these tolerances and cause the whole system to fail prematurely.

At Bays Complete Auto Repair, we understand that transmission issues can arise unexpectedly, and with serious repercussions to your daily schedule. We work hard to make sure that no matter what we are doing for your transmission; your life is interrupted as little as possible. We feel that solutions to car trouble involves more than just fixing the car, is helping you navigate daily life while we get your transportation back up and running.