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Auto Diagnostic, Phoenix

Automotive diagnostic Phoenix AZDefinitely one of the most misunderstood services in auto repair Automotive-diagnostic Phoenix AZis Automotive Diagnostics. Phoenix is literally filled with auto mechanics that tout their vehicle diagnostics tools as being the highest tech, with the fastest turnaround time. We however would like to bring attention to the less recognized, and more important portion of the car troubleshooting process, and how to make that pesky Check Engine Light disappear for good.

Many people tend to think that automotive diagnostics and car troubleshooting are performed primarily by computers in this modern day and age. What many drivers don’t understand is that reading what a computer tells you about your vehicle is only the beginning.

A vehicles computer really only tells you what is occurring, not why, or how to fix it. The many sensors that operate in your vehicle are designed to gather information about the behavior of your engine and store that data for later collection by the technician. A natural knack for problem solving and critical thinking is required to delve down past the side effects of an issue, and discover the solution to any given car problem.

For example, something as simple as a rich O2 reading can result in the discovery that nearly all the fuel injectors are clogged, and two cylinders are misfiring regularly. Once a technician discovers such a thing, he still needs the foresight to consider that the problem is actually stemming from the fact that your fuel filter hasn't been changed in 3 years, and that it has caused your catalytic converter to fail from overexposure to unburned gasoline.

These things in mind, it is very easy to understand that the real difference between the expertise of certain auto shops has little to do with the equipment; it rests squarely on the training, competence and aptitude of the technicians that fix the vehicle. We take great pride in the fact that our technicians are ASE certified, and hand selected for their experience and professionalism.

By expecting a higher level of professionalism from our own, we are able to deliver a superior auto repair experience to our customers. We understand that your time is valuable, and you simply cant be expected to put your life on hold while someone spends days trying to figure out what is the matter with your vehicle. Our technicians apply their experience and training to quickly and accurately assess the situation and execute a lasting solution.

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We will tackle any issue you have with your vehicle, whether it won’t pass emissions testing or if you've noticed a more serious problem developing. The old school mechanics used to figure it out the hard way; luckily we have updated technology and tools to save you time and money while we work out the solutions.