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Automotive Brake Repair, Phoenix

Brake Repair PhoenixWhen you think about what you can do to make your vehicle safer, the first thing thBrake Repair Phoenixat should come to mind is brake repair. Phoenix, AZ is a city full of life, but with a fast paced lifestyle comes the necessity to stop quickly when necessary. This is especially important in the downtown areas where the unexpected can be common. As a full service auto repair shop in Phoenix, brake service is just one of our specialties.

Many drivers feel a sort of apprehension when it comes to brake repair. We feel the reason for this is because people understand the need for brake maintenance, but they aren't familiar with which parts of the brake need service and how often. We have found that one of the most helpful things we can do for our customers is help them become a little more familiar with how their brakes work and what is necessary to keep in a safe, working condition.

Understanding the symptoms of an imminent brake failure can be a huge help in keeping your car brakes functioning. Here are a few of the early warning signals that can help you make a good determination on what kind of brake service you actually need.

  • Squealing brake noise – this is usually an extremely straight forward repair. The solution consists of simply replacing the brake pads and moving ahead. If you continue driving with a squealing or grinding noise when you brake, you risk further damaging the rest of the brake system and will increase the cost of the repairs. Replacing brake pads is an excellent time to inspect the brake system for any potential problems that may arise in the future. Let us know if you want a full inspection conducted at this time.

Mushy brakes – this kind of issue is more often than not a symptom of a problem with the master cylinder or a leak in the power brake system. The problem here is that If these kind of issues are allowed to continue, you can find yourself with little to no stopping power at all.

Car shakes when braking - definitely a sign of serious brake problems. Usually stemming from a warp or groove in the brake rotor, which actually stops your wheels from spinning. Warps or grooves in the brake rotors won’t allow your pads a smooth surface to rub against, and that vibration you feel is the brake pad losing and regaining contact in quick succession. This actually compounds the problem and makes the issue worse as time goes by.

One of the great myths of brake repairs is the idea of the $25.00 “all inclusive” brake job. Many drivers get hoodwinked by the lofty promises of the cheap brake job. The fact is, these kinds of brake jobs usually overlook the more important aspects of brake maintenance. This can leave you essentially paying 25 bucks for an untrained technician to kneel down, look at your brakes and say “looks good to me”.

We at Bays Complete Auto Repair find it of the utmost importance to provide quality brake service that will ensure the proper function of your brakes far into the future, rather than providing a temporary solution which is unlikely to last. The best way to go about this is to first conduct a thorough inspection of your brakes, then craft a long term solution which will serve you far into the future.