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Automotive A/C Repair, Phoenix

AC Repair PhoenixOf all the things that can go wrong with your vehicle, the one that causes the most discomfort is your Car AC. Phoenix can often feel living on a frying pan, and reliable car AC repairs can make a huge difference in the way that you feel about your car, and in the hottest months of the year, Air conditioning repair can quickly become a necessity rather than a luxury.

For most drivers, knowing how their car air conditioning system will work takes precedent over exactly how it works. But a little knowledge on how the system actually operates can be a huge help in making sure it gets the job done when you need it most.

Learning to recognize early warning signs of a car ac problem can be an advantage in making sure that the system stays healthy. So we have put together a quick list of common car A/C problems and the most common solutions to the issue.

Intermittent failure – a truly confusing situation is one where the AC works intermittently. This kind of trouble can stem from a wide variety of problems including too much moisture in the AC system lines. If the lines freeze over, your ac will quit blowing cold until the ice melts and can circulate Freon again.

  • No Cold Air – This is usually caused by a leak somewhere in the lines of the system. Car air conditioning is intended to be a closed system which circulates refrigerant. If this refrigerant escapes then the process of cooling fails and you can actually cause damage by running it. Our advice is to keep it turned off until we can take a look at it.
  • Strange noise – any kind of strange noises should be taken quite seriously indeed. A whining noise could be something a simple as a belt on its way out, but if this problem is allowed to continue, it is quite easy to cause damage to other components such as the compressor.
  • Decreased functionality – Sometimes It happens that the air from your vents just isn't as cold as it used to be. The most likely solution to this is a Freon recharge, but it may be a good idea to inspect for leaks before refilling the system, otherwise the solution will be temporary and issue will recur.
  • Bad Smell – Occasionally, it is possible for a foul odor to emanate from your air conditioning system. Thankfully, the issue is usually very quick, easy, and cheap to resolve. Replacing the cabin air filter is generally all that’s required to end the assault on your nostrils.

Making sure that your air conditioning system is reliable is the main goal for our technicians. Rather than simply putting a patch on the issue, we move to the heart of the problem and implement a solution that will last. Over the years, we have gotten quite good with Air Conditioning systems; after all, we live here too.