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Our Automotive Services

At Bays Complete Auto Repair, we honor most extended warranty packages and have technicians that specialize in automotive brands such as Toyota, GM, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Audi and more. Contact us today for further information and to keep your vehicle running its best.

We also offer Fleet discounts and are currently an authorized Fleet service provider for PHH and UHAUL.

Major automotive repair items

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There are clear signs of a vehicle in need of wheel alignment. The tire that is pointing off-center will pull the vehicle in the direction it is oriented. For example, if the right front tire is nudged slightly inward (left), the steering wheel will pull left while driving on a flat, even surface. The driver will have to maintain a right-pull on the steering wheel to keep the vehicle headed straight — even when driving on a flat, straight road. This is not only annoying, but the tire that is out of alignment will also wear prematurely and unevenly because of the constant drag placed on its tread. The drag can also impact gasoline mileage.

Uneven tread wear is a sign that the car was driven quite a while with improper wheel alignment. Often, the inner tire tread will wear down smooth while there is still plenty of outer tread left, or visa-versa. The result is that tires have to be replaced sooner rather than later. If tread wear is "cupped," the vehicle was driven with the tires out of balance as well.

Wheel alignment normally takes less than one hour. The vehicle is placed on a platform, which allows the wheels to spin while a computer calculates orientation. The computer compares this to a database of manufacturer specifications for the year, make and model of the car. If wheel alignment is off, an adjustment is made and the vehicle is tested again. Balancing can be done at the same time, if required.


Includes changing your vehicle's oil, replacing your oil filter, inspecting fluid levels and generally making sure your vehicle is running smoothly. We use top quality products, and perform top quality service.

  • Up To 5 Quarts 5W30 premium synthetic blend oil
  • Replace oil, filter & lube chassis
  • 36-point safety check
  • Most vehicles
  • No appointment necessary


Steering fluid is a lubrication used to help your car's power steering system run smoothly and efficiently. If your car's power steering pump suffers from a serious mechanical problem, you may have to flush your steering fluid. Bays Complete Auto Repair ASE trained mechanics can properly evaluate your power steering flush to see if it is necessary to perform a power steering flush on your vehicle.


Fuel injection is a system for mixing fuel with air in an internal combustion engine. It has become the primary fuel delivery system used in automotive petrol engines, having almost completely replaced carburetors in the late 1980s.

A fuel injection system is designed and calibrated specifically for the type(s) of fuel it will handle. Most fuel injection systems are for gasoline or diesel applications. With the advent of electronic fuel injection (EFI), the diesel and gasoline hardware has become similar. EFI's programmable firmware has permitted common hardware to be used with different fuels.

Carburetors were the predominant method used to meter fuel on gasoline engines before the widespread use of fuel injection. A variety of injection systems have existed since the earliest usage of the internal combustion engine.

The primary difference between carburetors and fuel injection is that fuel injection atomizes the fuel by forcibly pumping it through a small nozzle under high pressure, while a carburetor relies on low pressure created by intake air rushing through it to add the fuel to the airstream.

The fuel injector is only a nozzle and a valve: the power to inject the fuel comes from a pump or a pressure container farther back in the fuel supply.


Your car's radiator and cooling system needs to be clean to be cool. As time goes on, your car's radiator builds solid deposits that can clog the cooling system. A quick, inexpensive radiator flush can keep the system in shape. It's important to change your antifreeze seasonally. The cooling system flush involves draining the cooling system, flushing it to remove any dirt and build-up, and re-filling it with new quality fluids.


Our radiator flush service in Phoenix can help prevent inconvenient vehicle problems or unexpected issues that can stem from letting your radiator go unchecked. This service can be scheduled along with regular maintenance (like oil changes or tire rotations) for less hassle and for peace of mind, knowing your vehicle has received all recommended maintenance from Bays Complete Auto Repair service professionals.

  • Flush machine and exchange coolant
  • Inspect cooling system for proper operation
  • Clean and remove rust and grease from radiator
  • Prevents problems with overheating, quickly and safely
  • Safe for aluminum radiators


CV or constant velocity boots protect your CV joints located on the axles of your car. A ripped CV boot will cause your CV joint to fail, an expensive and unnecessary repair if you tended to the ripped boot when you should have.


We examine your automobile to diagnose the general health of your vehicle and to determine if any repairs need to be made.


De-carbing is done with a cleaner to loosen and break up any carbon buildup that has formed on the tops of your pistons, underside of your heads, and flats of the valves.


Bays Complete Auto Repair & Tires in Phoenix is a certified Goodyear Dealer. We offer complete tire services.

Regular tire rotations can preserve balanced handling and traction of the tires and even-out tire wear. Generally, tire rotation is recommended every 3,000-5,000 miles and can be scheduled along with regular oil change appointments for convenience.

Because different demands are placed on front tires versus back tires, rotating tires to different positions help equalize the unavoidable wear on each tire. This service is a preventative measure that truly improves the life of your tires, as well as adding to the safety of your vehicle on the road.

  • 4-tire rotation and computerized wheel balance
  • For smoother ride and longer tire wear
  • We inspect tire tread, air pressure & valve stems
  • Tire rotation, wheel balancing, mounting, tire repair


Modern electronic fuel-injection systems are some of the most trouble-free systems in your vehicle. However, if your vehicle has accumulated more than 75,000 miles, there is some routine fuel-injection-system maintenance that should be considered. The two most common maintenance jobs are fuel-injector cleaning and throttle-body cleaning.

Why do I want to clean my throttle body you ask? The throttle body is the piece that the air intake tube hooks up to. It contains the throttle control plate that opens to control the amount of air flowing into the engine. You should clean this out periodically because carbon will build up inside of it causing a poor idle and sluggish performance. It is fairly easy to clean, so you should do it. You will probably find it coated with black junk, and will notice a considerable difference afterwards. Every car can benefit by having the throttle body cleaned, especially if your car is idling bad, stalling or lacking power.


When the charging system is operating normally, the charge indicator lamp will come on when the ignition switch is turned ON and will go out when the engine starts. If the lamp does not come on with the key ON you will need to check the warning light circuit or replace the bulb. This is referred to as a charging system check.


An engine oil flush is designed to get rid of all of the old engine oil and clean the engine components and orifices.

30K, 60K, 90K SERVICES

At Bays Complete Auto Repair, we follow your manufacturers specified Maintenance Schedule along with our own comprehensive inspection. We will then prioritize services starting with safety items to keep you in a safe vehicle.

Services include:

  • Multi-point Safety Inspection
  • Wipers, Lights, Horn, etc.
  • Oil Change Service
  • Inspect all Fluids
  • Battery & Charging Test
  • Inspect Cabin Air Filter
  • Inspect Engine Air Filter
  • Inspect Belts
  • Inspect Spark Plugs
  • Brake System Inspection
  • Tire Rotation
  • Set Tire Pressure & Monitors
  • Evaluate and Assess Condition of:
  • Steering, Alignment, Suspension, Shocks, Drive Shaft Boots, Tires, Belts and Hoses, Coolant System , Windshield Wipers and Running Lights Road Test & Quality Control


  • Clutch Repair
  • Electric: Batteries – Sell and Install
  • Electric: Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Electric: Starting and Charging
  • Engine: Diagnostics and Performance
  • Engine: Service/Repair – Major & Minor
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance: Severe Schedule
  • Glass Repair/Replace/Tinting
  • Power Custom Accessories – Sell and Install
  • Security Systems – Sell and Install
  • Upholstery / Vinyl Tops
  • Smog Check Program (State) - Testing & Repairs
  • State Safety Inspection
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Transmission: Automatic Service/Repair – Major & Minor
  • Transmission: Manual Service/Repair
  • Wheels/Tires: Alignment
  • Wheels/Tires: Mounting and Balancing
  • Wheels/Tires: Sell, Install, Repair Tires
  • Wheels/Tires: Sell, Install Wheels
  • Vehicle Inspection: Total
  • Towing/Roadside Assistance
  • Radiator Repair/Replacement
  • Axle / Driveshaft Repair (RWD, 4WD)
  • Differential Repair
  • Disability Conversions - Sales or Service
  • Diesel Engine Systems
  • Four Wheel Drive Systems
  • Auto Body Repair and Paint