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Car Restoration

Stuff you might not know about your C6 Corvette

  1. C5 & C6 have two gas tanks.
  2. Car will remind you to shut off your turn signal is left on to long.
  3. Headlamps automatically turn on if using wipers. 
  4. There is a shortcut to change on the oil temp sensor.  Search youtube to find it.
  5. There is a keyhole above the rear license plate to open the hatch.
  6. The DIC chime loudness can be turned down significantly by turning the audio "Auto Volume" to "OFF”.
  7. If you hold the ignition switch in the on position for about 15 seconds the car goes into full on mode without the engine starting. 
  8. The handle to pull the hatch down was on the C6 through the middle of the 2007 model year. 
  9. The button on the panel to the left of the steering wheel/column turns the interior lights ON/OFF. 
  10. Mirror dimming is turned off when you are in reverse.
  11. The trick of hitting the recirc button twice to reduce the warm in the feet compartment.
  12. If you touch the time of day on the navigation screen, the date will be displayed. 
  13. If you press down on the wiper stalk it will operate the wiper for one pass.
  14. There is a manual door release on the floor below the door.
  15. If you want to lube engine without starting vehicle press gas petal to floor to shut down injectors and hit start button engine.  Engine will crank but not start.
  16. If you want to check the mileage, with the car off reach in the window and turn head lights on the mileage will show. 
  17. The floor pans are made of balsa wood.